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Improve Hvac Air Quality

Health, Hygiene, & HVAC: Nu-Calgon Products to Improve Air Quality

For the sake of your customers’ health, hygiene, and the environment, HVAC equipment requires constant care. The more comprehensively you clean HVAC equipment, the easier it is to prevent the buildup of grease, particulates, and microorganisms, keeping the system in full working order. With the help of CE, your go-to HVAC supplies distributor, Nu-Calgon offers a variety of HVAC supplies online to clean and strengthen your customers’ HVAC system, providing you with:

Deft Disinfectants

Not only does HVAC equipment provide a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and fungi, but it can also circulate these organisms around your house, increasing the chance of illness and allergic reaction. To stop microbial growth in its tracks, Nu-Calgon provides a variety of disinfectant products. These include Evap-Fresh No Rinse, a virucidal cleaner that also kills tuberculosis and other harmful bacteria, and Bio-Fresh, which eliminates bacteria, yeast, mold, and mildew. As a good HVAC contractor, you can obtain these supplies online to keep your customer’s home clean and hygienic.

Premium Pipe Insulation

Poorly insulated pipes waste energy, raising your electric and gas bills while harming the environment. Applying Perma-Wrap Foam Insulation Tape can prevent condensation and heat loss, improving energy efficiency.

Leak Location

Whether they involve refrigerants, natural gas, or any other chemicals, leaks are among the most dangerous results of HVAC equipment damage. Nu-Calgon’s Cal-Blue leak detection products allow you to quickly identify the source of a leak, solving the problem before it becomes a serious threat.

Savvy Sealants

Once you have identified the source of a leak, it is critical to seal it up before it gets out of hand. With EasySeal Direct Inject, you can stop refrigerant leaks in their tracks to reduce the damage until you can make more comprehensive repairs.

Lipid Limitations

Grease that builds up in your HVAC equipment undermines airflow while contributing to the growth of bacteria. Nu-Calgon offers Tri-Pow’r and Nu-Brite, two non-acidic products that clear away grease and its associated odor. Both products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly; Nu-Brite is also biodegradable.

Particulate Protection

In addition to grease, the slow buildup of carbon, sludge, oil, moisture, and other particulates in your HVAC equipment can undermine hygiene and efficiency. To flush all of these obstacles out of the system in one fell swoop, Nu-Calgon provides Rx11-Flush.

Odor Obliteration

Odor spread through your HVAC equipment has the potential to undermine health and quality of life. Nu-Calgon’s anti-odor products, the HVAC Odor Block and the ClenAir Original Odor Neutralizer, do not merely drown out bad smells. They eliminate them completely, radically improving your customers’ indoor air quality.

CE is an innovative HVAC parts distributor with a commitment to promoting efficiency and air quality. To learn more about Nu-Calgon products and other HVAC parts and supplies, contact us today.