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See how Carrier Ductless met the needs at Oak Hill Academy

Case Study: Oak Hill Academy

The Oak Hill Academy is a private secondary school that has been part of Wilson, Virginia’s history since 1878. Although the facilities have been well-maintained throughout the ages, some of the dorms were in desperate need of a full renovation, which included a complete upgrade to their HVAC systems. When the local CE team heard about the project, they contacted the school and worked hard to prove that they had the expertise necessary to win the job. CE partnered with a local contractor, E&L Diamond, and were awarded this high-profile job.  

About the Oak Hill Academy 

Oak Hill Academy is a private boarding school in Wilson, Virginia, that currently serves about 150 students in grades 8-12. The school was built in 1878 and has served as a Baptist-affiliated, preparatory school since it opened its doors. Its students both live and attend classes on campus, resulting in a wide-variety of HVAC needs. Given these needs and the lack of a major HVAC system replacement for decades, the school knew that their HVAC systems required efficiency and comfort upgrades for their staff and students. 

The Goal: Provide Efficient Comfort and Versatile Installation 

When looking for new HVAC systems, the Oak Hill Academy had several goals. First, they wanted to be able to effectively heat and cool the various spaces they have, including the dorms, offices, classrooms, etc. Additionally, they wanted to be able to control each space independently. Finally, they needed the new systems to work within the limited space available within the historic building. With all of this considered, the Carrier ductless systems were the ideal option. 

The Solution: Carrier Ductless  

E&L Diamond knew that Carrier ductless systems would meet all of Oak Hill Academy’s requirements. It would allow them to control each space on its own while also requiring minimal wall space since there is no ductwork needed. In total, the Oak Hill Academy campus will receive 31 outdoor units and 35 indoor units. 

The Results: Carrier Ductless Will Exceed Expectations 

While the installation is still in progress, we are confident that the Oak Hill Academy is going to be thrilled with the results the Carrier ductless systems provide. The installation will be relatively simple during the renovation process, and since there is no ductwork, the structural integrity of the building will remain intact. The school will be able to make sure the classrooms, dormitories, and offices are all kept at the ideal temperature, and since they can all be controlled independently, the school is sure to see their energy usage expenses go down dramatically. The Carrier ductless systems are ideal for renovations of historic buildings, and we can’t wait to hear what the Oak Hill Academy thinks about the systems once they are up and running.