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Case Study: Oklahoma Warehouse Conversion

Since 2001, the old home of Joker’s Comedy Club in the Bricktown community of Oklahoma City has sat vacant, but it is currently under development to become a nonprofit multi-purpose event center, meeting area, and coffee shop. To help make the abandoned building more efficient, while making sure every individual space is able to remain comfortable, Carrier ductless systems were selected to provide the heating and cooling.

About the Warehouse Conversion

Built in 1951, the building located at 229 E Sheridan Avenue in the entertainment district of Oklahoma City has been everything from a bustling warehouse to a popular comedy club. But now, the 14,000 square foot, two-story building is going to be a nonprofit event center owned by the Bridge Church and will house a kitchen, small and large meeting spaces, offices, storage areas, a large lobby, and an event auditorium.

The Goal: Zoning and Energy Efficiency

With so many varying spaces, the building required an HVAC system that was versatile. It needed to be able to heat and cool at the same time and offer independent controls of each space. Additionally, the HVAC system needed to be able to be installed in an older building with little-to-no room for ductwork, and due to the size of the building, it needed to be extremely efficient. Most importantly, the systems needed to meet the budget requirements of the owner.

The Solution: Carrier Ductless

When Prudhom Heating and Air in Oklahoma City heard about the warehouse conversion, they knew that Carrier ductless systems would easily exceed the expectations of the Bridge Church. The mini-zone heat pumps were selected because of their unrivaled flexibility for heating and cooling individual spaces. In total, nine outdoor units and 31 indoor wall-mounted units were installed.

The Results: To Be Determined

Although the new event center is still under construction, the owners are already ecstatic with the appearance and ease of use of the Carrier ductless systems. The wall units are modern and blend right in with the décor–taking up minimal wall space.

Once the building is open for visitors, we are confident the owners will be thrilled with how efficient the system is. They will love being able to only heat and cool the spaces that are being occupied, and they will definitely appreciate the inherent dehumidification results the Carrier ductless systems provide by running nearly continuously. Of course, the best part of all will be when they receive their first electric bill and realize just how affordable it can be to heat and cool a 14,000 square foot space.