r410a shortage

What You Need to Know About the R410a Shortage

You may have noticed that the price of R410a has recently increased, and you are probably wondering why. We are here to explain, but first, understand that the R410a price increase is an industry-wide issue. As you know, at CE we are always looking out for our customers, and as soon as we can lower the price of R410a, you can be assured that we will. Read more

flaring tool

Parts & Supplies Spotlight: Yellow Jacket Flaring Tool #60278

Whenever we get our hands on a product that can save HVAC contractors time and money, we simply have to share it. Today, we are excited to show you the Yellow Jacket Deluxe Flaring Tool (model 60278). Designed to work flawlessly with new R-410A requirements, it takes the guesswork out of any flaring job. You can use the flaring tool with copper pipes ranging from 1/8” to 3/4” O.D. It works with a drill (the proper drill bit is included), or you can operate it manually. Read more

improve indoor air quality HVAC

5 Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Many customers care about indoor air quality, but may not know the options available for improving it. “One of the hardest parts of selling products that clean up the indoor air for customers is initiating the conversation,” said Josh Pulis of Air Knight. After surveying the climate inside your customer’s home, and speaking with them about their issues, you can select from one (or more) of these five ways to improve their indoor air quality. Read more

VRF growing rapidly

VRF Market Increasing Exponentially: Set to Reach $24 Billion by 2022

Technology is changing the HVAC industry like never before. More specifically, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is altering the way people heat and cool educational complexes, healthcare facilities, hotels, office buildings, and multi-family residences. According to MarketsandMarkets research company, the VRF market was worth over 11 billion dollars in 2015, and this figure is predicted to reach more than 24 billion dollars in just five years (by 2022). That equates to an 11.4% compound annual growth rate, which is pretty incredible. But when you look at the unbeatable versatility and energy efficiency that VRF systems provide, the exponential growth begins to make sense. Read more

matching HVAC systems - AHRI System Builder

Matching HVAC Systems Has Never Been Easier

Building HVAC systems for your customer is a daunting process, to say the least. From researching each individual product, to testing compatibilities, to figuring out accessories, and so much more, it’s safe to say you are spending way more time and effort matching HVAC systems than you would like. Now, with the help of the AHRI System Builder from CE, you can streamline the process of building HVAC systems, allowing you to get more work done in less time.

Read more

contractors resist VRF technology

Why Are HVAC Contractors Resistant to VRF?

If you have used VRF (variable refrigerant flow) technology, you know how incredible it is. It is able to dramatically improve the efficiency of a variety of commercial spaces, including hospitals, universities, hotels, office buildings, and condominiums. However, not every HVAC contractor agrees that VRF is the next big thing—even though the stats disagree. In fact, many HVAC contractors have a plethora of reasons why VRF technology is not for them. Here is a look at the most common reasons HVAC contractors are hesitant to use VRF technology, and why these reasons are simply not justified. Read more

ducting design

5 Best Practices for Ducting Design and Installation

A high efficiency HVAC system is dependent on properly designed and installed ductwork. Nate Zuck, CE’s Customer Assurance Manager, makes the perfect analogy when he compares an HVAC system to the blood flow in the human body. He says, “The HVAC equipment is the heart, yet it is useless without a good circulatory system.” In this case, the circulatory system would be the ductwork. Read more

CE Mid-Atlantic Attends Tradeshow at George Washington University

CE Mid-Atlantic is on a mission to spread the word about the incredible benefits of a Toshiba Carrier VRF system—especially in large facilities like universities. School buildings can be a challenge to heat and cool efficiently due to the vast array of room types and their different heating and cooling requirements. Having to provide temperature control to a gymnasium is completely different than providing it for a classroom. The Toshiba Carrier VRF technology solves this issue while dramatically reducing energy expenses. To begin Operation Awareness and Acceptance, the CE Mid-Atlantic team participated in the recent showcase event held at George Washington University. Read more

CE HVAC VRF technology

CE Brings Toshiba Carrier VRF Technology to Cinnamon Shore in Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is getting a major upgrade, and CE is proud to be a big part of it. By integrating the Toshiba Carrier Single-Phase VRF System into many of the commercial and residential buildings joining the community, we are able to provide the business owners and residents with incredible energy efficiency, superior zoning capabilities, and the ability to heat and cool simultaneously. Read more

CE Wins the 2017 Imagine Excellence Award for Best B2B Experience

Last week (April 3-5), more than 2,500 commerce experts, merchants, and developers from around the world gathered for the highly anticipated Imagine 2017 conference in Las Vegas. Hosted by MAGENTO—the top commerce platform in the world—Imagine 2017 was all about networking with like minds and learning from each other. While the valuable sessions and renowned speakers were certainly a highlight, the most exciting moment for us was when we were announced as the winner of the Imagine Excellence Award for Best B2B Experience. Read more