payne HVAC equipment

Spotlight on Payne HVAC Supplies

D.W. Payne and his son founded Payne Heating & Cooling Products in 1914. They created the first floor furnace that could be installed within a home’s crawl space area. Since then, they have paved the way for many gas furnace innovations, including the first furnace that was approved for installation in a closet and the first option for zone heating. In the 1950s, Payne added remote air conditioning to their lineup, and today, they maintain a collection of dependable HVAC equipment at a reasonable price. Here is a look at three pieces of Payne HVAC equipment we feature at CE: Read more

The AHRI System Builder Tool Makes Installation Preparation Easier Than Ever

The AHRI System Builder is your secret weapon for ensuring that your HVAC system installation is smooth and hassle-free. The System Builder tool recommends compatible parts, supplies, and accessories that you need to complete the installation. This ensures that you have everything you need upon arrival at the job site. Have you ever had to return to the shop or supply house because you have the wrong whip or pad? Our online tool saves you from this inconvenience. Here’s a closer look at how the AHRI System Builder helps you be prepared. Read more

Case Study for USS North Carolina

The USS North Carolina is a historic World War II battleship that has become a popular tourist attraction in Wilmington, North Carolina, not only for the tour of its superstructure, but now, as a facility to accommodate meetings or other gatherings. Attempting to maintain the authenticity of the ship’s structure without altering the aesthetics, while keeping the internal spaces comfortable, was a challenging task. However, Carrier Enterprise’s use of the Toshiba Carrier VRF, installed by Jacksonville Heating Contractors, was the perfect combination for the historic renovation. Read more

Toshiba Carrier VRF, The Morrison, Tampa Bay

Toshiba Carrier VRF Helps The Morrison Flourish

Tampa Bay is bringing new business to its SoHo Corridor with the upcoming multi-use facility–The Morrison. The developer, Metis Property Group Inc., knows the value of mixed-use facilities for both its customers and tenants, and they are excited to open the doors.

However, before any construction could begin, they had to figure out the most effective and efficient way to provide heating and cooling solutions to the building, because of the many and varied needs of their tenants. To achieve these lofty goals, they turned to Toshiba Carrier VRF systems for their extreme versatility, superior energy-efficiencies, and their ability to simultaneously heat and cool. Read more

: Carrier Ductless, GRTC bus depot, Richmond

GRTC Bus Depot Renovation Incorporates Carrier Ductless to Become a Popular Destination in Richmond

Although the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) bus depot has been vacant since 2010, it won’t be for much longer. Late last year, DKJ Richmond LLC announced plans to transform the late 19th-century trolley system hub into a sought-after retail and residential mecca. This seven-acre setup is exactly what Carrier Ductless systems were designed for. It is going to be the equipment behind the scenes, that provides residents, shop owners, and visitors the ideal temperature and optimum efficiency year round they desire. Read more

Gree E-TAC for the Hospitality Industry | HVAC for Hotels with Gree E-TAC

Spotlight on the New Gree E-TAC for the Hospitality Industry

Providing heating and cooling for the hospitality industry is no easy task, but with the new and improved Gree E-TAC (Engineered Terminal Air Conditioner), it just got a lot easier. The Gree E-TAC will keep up with your customers’ demanding HVAC needs, while proving the ultimate level of comfort for their guests. Here’s a closer look at the Gree E-TAC—otherwise known as the ideal HVAC solution for hotels. Read more

ductless HVAC system for tiny houses

HVAC for Tiny Houses: Choose Ductless to Make the Most of Your Customer’s Tiny House

It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about tiny houses. This is a trend that is here to stay, and HVAC contractors should be prepared. Some tiny house owners may think that an HVAC system is not an option due to their limited space, so they turn to space heaters or stand-alone fans to keep their home at a comfortable temperature.

But, as you know, with a ductless HVAC system, tiny house owners can still equip their home with a proper HVAC system and experience the multitude of comfort that comes with it. Here’s a closer look at why ductless HVAC systems are ideal for small spaces, like tiny houses, tree houses, and sheds. Read more

Case Study for Fishburne Military School in Virginia

The Toshiba-Carrier VRF is an ideal HVAC technology to use in facilities that have varying cooling and heating requirements and limited access for ductwork or mechanical room space. Therefore, when the Fishburne Military School in Virginia approached R.S. Boyers 72 degrees Heating and Air Conditioning LLC to upgrade the HVAC system in their barracks, they turned to Carrier Enterprise to provide Toshiba-Carrier VRF systems to exceed their client’s expectations. Read more

Introducing Sensibo-Inside: Adding Wi-Fi Capabilities to Ductless

The long-anticipated Sensibo-Inside is about to hit the market and we couldn’t be more excited. This state-of-the-art device gives homeowners complete on-the-go control of their Ductless system. It brings a Smart Home to a new level, with no external settings or wire attaching required. The device is installed into your Ductless unit, a simple app downloaded, and the Sensibo-Inside is ready to go. Read more

Comparing HVAC Systems

AHRI System Builder Makes Comparing HVAC Systems a Breeze

Customers are rarely satisfied with just one recommendation for an HVAC system. Instead, they want to see options. They want to view the least expensive option to the most expensive option, and they want to be able to easily compare the differences so they can make the best choice for their needs and budgets. In the past, putting together these comparisons took a lot of effort and time; however, with the AHRI System Builder, it’s as simple as a few clicks. Read more