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Spotlight on Payne HVAC Supplies

D.W. Payne and his son founded Payne Heating & Cooling Products in 1914. They created the first floor furnace that could be installed within a home’s crawl space area. Since then, they have paved the way for many gas furnace innovations, including the first furnace that was approved for installation in a closet and the first option for zone heating. In the 1950s, Payne added remote air conditioning to their lineup, and today, they maintain a collection of dependable HVAC equipment at a reasonable price. Here is a look at three pieces of Payne HVAC equipment we feature at CE:

A New Standard for Gas Furnaces

Payne’s top selling gas furnaces provide extremely consistent heating capabilities and high efficiency ratings. Their noise is barely noticeable, and the additional dehumidification function is a nice addition during the summer months. Many of Payne’s gas furnaces also feature built-in air purifiers, high-temperature limits for additional safety, and fully insulated cabinets to keep the heat flowing through to the ductwork. Most gas furnaces by Payne come with a 10-year parts warranty and a 20-year heat exchanger warranty.

An Extra Efficient Heat Pump

Payne heat pumps integrate powerful technology to make them very efficient, with some models reporting efficiency ratings as high as 16 SEER while cooling. Even during extreme conditions, Payne heat pumps runs consistently for a dependable comfort level, and they offer humidity control during the summer. Most Payne heat pumps also feature tight wire grilles to keep out debris and resist corrosion for long-lasting performance. Payne includes a 10-year parts warranty on most heat pumps.

A Quiet, Dependable Air Conditioner

When it comes to air conditioners, Payne focuses on building dependable, efficient systems that operate under a variety of conditions. Many Payne air conditioners are able to operate continuously at low settings for improved efficiency, with some models reporting a 17 SEER rating. Additionally, most Payne air conditioners feature durable exteriors and smart designs to keep out debris and withstand all types of weather conditions. Payne provides a 10-year parts warranty on their air conditioners.

Homeowners and HVAC contractors turn to Payne time and time again because they know they can get a reasonably priced, innovative piece of equipment that will be dependable for years to come.


To learn more about Payne, or any of the other high quality, efficient HVAC systems we have available, contact us now.