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The Pearl River Elementary Schools give their partial VRF Systems an A+

Case Study: Pearl River Elementary Schools

Maintaining a comfortable temperature at an elementary school is important not only for the comfort and safety of the students/children but the staff as well. Three elementary schools (Evans Park E.S., Franklin E.S., and Lincoln E.S.) required effective and efficient heating and cooling systems to keep the buildings comfortable year-round. When the schools were looking to replace their existing HVAC system, they contacted Pearl River Plumbing and the experienced CE team for guidance. After analyzing the existing systems and building requirements, CE and Pearl River Plumbing were able to help design a new, partial VRF system to provide optimal temperature control and improve overall energy efficiency.

A Closer Look at the Pearl River Elementary Schools

The existing heating and cooling systems in each school consisted of outdated baseboard heating in classrooms and lounges, and dilapidated rooftop units that served larger areas (including the gymnasium and cafeterias). These existing systems did not provide very consistent heating/cooling, nor did they allow for much in the way of individual temperature control throughout the building. Additionally, a unique challenge presented with this project was working with the existing ductwork. Because it would have been too costly to demo, redesign, and re-install it, it was important to find a way to provide added comfort and control over different areas of the school while working with the existing system.

How Carrier Technology Was Used

Fortunately, CE was able to deliver exactly what the client needed by running pipe to the inside fan coils, which provided the additional flexibility that was needed to achieve versatile comfort throughout each of the buildings.  This also saved the client from needing to make substantial changes to the buildings’ existing ductwork and freed up space.  At the same time, the new systems provided each school with a cleaner and more modern look.

In addition to the new Carrier systems that were installed, the schools had some interior improvements made as well. These improvements consisted of adding walls to create new classrooms and expanding areas for additional workspace. If the original design was used, these types of modifications would have caused substantial heating and cooling issues. New ductwork would have been needed, as the systems would not have been easy to install and they would not have been as effective or efficient when operating. Fortunately, because of the flexibility of piping layout available in VRF technology, the new systems that CE designed allowed for easy installation. This also allowed for the customized temperature control the staff desired over various areas of the schools.

It is now possible to control the temperature inside individual spaces within each school right from the main office. This is saving the schools money on their energy bills and providing maximum comfort to staff and students at the same time.

The Bottom Line

Keeping the children and staff at the Pearl River Elementary Schools comfortable in an efficient way was the ultimate goal of this project. CE and Pearl River Plumbing are proud to help deliver that with the installation of a partial variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system. Today, staff members are enjoying the added temperature control they have over different areas of the building, as well as the sleeker and more visually appealing design of the system itself.