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Case Study: Historic Princess Anne Hotel in NC

Built in 1924, the Princess Anne Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, was completely renovated in 2005 to maintain the home’s historic architecture while transforming 40 individual rooms into two large guest rooms and 14 spacious suites. By opting for a Carrier ductless system, the Princess Anne Hotel was able to improve their efficiency, maintain the integrity of the interior, and ensure their patrons stay comfortable.

About the Princess Anne Hotel in North Carolina

The Princess Anne Hotel is located one mile from downtown Asheville in the quaint neighborhood of Chestnut Hill. The original hotel was constructed in 1924, and the history of the building itself is quite diverse; however, in 2005, the original name and purpose of the building was restored. Today, the Princess Anne Hotel in North Carolina houses 14 beautifully appointed suites and two deluxe guest rooms. Designed to offer the charm of a bed a breakfast, the hotel also features a dining room where breakfast is served in the morning and hord’oeuvres and wine are served in the evening.

The Goal: Maintain Historic Beauty and Improve Efficiency

When restoring the Princess Anne Hotel into what it is today, maintaining the historic details of the building was a top priority. This means that any HVAC system that was installed had to fit within the confines of the building, and it could not alter the appearance of the interior too dramatically.

The Solution: Carrier Ductless for Inconspicuous Versatility

After reviewing the needs of the Princess Anne Hotel in North Carolina, Bolton Construction Service opted for the Performance Series Carrier ductless system.

Bolton has been providing HVAC services since 1925, and they are very experienced in renovating historic properties with today’s technologies. Mindy Harrington, from CE, also assisted with the design and selection of the Carrier ductless system installed by Bolton.

The Performance Series Carrier ductless system was chosen because it offers extreme versatility in the design. It can stand up to commercial environments, and can be zoned to provide comfort in each individual room. Additionally, the indoor units can be placed inconspicuously throughout the hotel to make sure they do not interfere with the beauty of the space. With the hot and humid North Carolina summers, the Carrier ductless system is ideal because it provides built-in dehumidification.

The Results: Carrier Ductless Impresses Guests and Owners Alike

The owners of the Princess Anne Hotel are very impressed with the versatility of the Carrier ductless system that was installed. They love how efficient it is, even at heating and cooling the various spaces within the hotel, and they appreciate the minimal noise it makes. Above all, they love that the system blends in with its surroundings and no major construction work had to be done to install the HVAC system. The Princess Anne Hotel in North Carolina is welcoming happy customers on a daily basis, and they know they can rely on the Carrier ductless system to keep everyone comfortable.