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HVAC Refrigerant Recovery: What You Need to Know

As a key player in the HVAC industry, it is no surprise to you that refrigerant recovery is an important part of your job. R22, the most common refrigerant used in stationary air conditioners, is damaging to the ozone, and if you don’t dispose of it correctly, you could face hefty fines. Here is a closer look at the reasons behind the strict laws regarding refrigerant recovery, as well as a rundown of how CE can help.

Why Is Proper Disposal So Important?

Refrigerants such as R22 are proven to be damaging to the earth’s atmosphere. They are so damaging, in fact, that Section 608 of the Clean Air Act strictly prohibits people (such as HVAC contractors) from knowingly releasing the substances into the air. Luckily, these damaging refrigerants are slowly being phased out, but in the meantime, proper refrigerant recovery is crucial.

Primary Violations

Even though most HVAC contractors know about the ill effects of R22, many of them still dispose of it incorrectly. In fact, one report for the state of Alabama found that less than 10% of refrigerant is properly disposed of in the case of equipment failure. Another common mistake made—sometimes knowingly and sometimes not—is that HVAC contractors will reuse recovered refrigerant in another system. The EPA is very clear that this is not allowed unless the same person owns the new equipment and it is located at the same address.

CE Is Here to Help

Since you clearly don’t want to risk a fine of up to $37,500 per day for not properly recovering and reclaiming refrigerant, we are here to help.

  • Alternative Refrigerants – At CE, we carry several alternatives to R22 that you can use without worrying about the strict guidelines from the EPA.
  • Refrigerant Recovery Machines – We also have many machines that are made to help you recover the refrigerant legally and properly. These include the high-end APPION G5 Twin and the extremely popular TRADEPRO® Refrigerant Recovery Machine (TP-MM1). Both machines are designed to be easily transportable and simple to operate, and they are loaded with features to make refrigerant recovery safe.
  • Refrigerant Recycling – Once you use a refrigerant recovery machine to obtain the refrigerant, you can bring the reclaim tank to one of our stores nationwide and we will trade you for a new one.

Refrigerant recovery is nothing to take lightly. Not only do you face enormous fines if you are caught disposing of it improperly, you are contributing to major environmental damage. To learn more about our refrigerant recovery equipment and/or services, contact us today.