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CE vs Big Box HVAC Supply Stores

When you need HVAC parts and supplies for your clients, you have several places to turn. However, when you opt for CE instead of a big box store, you can experience superior customer service while ensuring you get the correct high-quality part or supply the first time.

Experience Excellent Customer Service

Whether you are shopping for HVAC parts online or in one of our brick-and-mortar locations, you will be privy to the finest customer service in the HVAC industry. From assisting with online ordering to providing answers about AC and heating equipment, you will always be able to get accurate technical recommendations and information that you can trust. Additionally, if you should get a defective part, our customer service team will act swiftly to make things right.

Receive Real Answers from Our Expert Staff

At CE, we only employ HVAC experts, so when you have a question, you receive an answer from someone who understands your business. At big box stores, this is never a guarantee. As you know, getting the correct HVAC part is paramount to the effectiveness of the equipment you are installing. If the size is even minutely off, you could be costing your customer more money to run their equipment. Even when you shop for residential HVAC parts online, we provide you with detailed photographs, bill of materials, instructions, and more – so you can rest easy knowing exactly what you will receive.

Perform Effortless Reordering

When it comes to reordering, you may have to start from scratch when you head to a big box store. On the contrary, at CE, you can effortlessly reorder anything you need, 24/7, from the convenience of your laptop or mobile device. With stored lists of the common residential HVAC parts you use in your customers’ homes, you can complete your order in a matter of minutes—which includes scheduling a delivery or in-store pick up using our real-time inventory.

Get HVAC Parts from Proven Manufacturers

We know that your clients trust you and they depend on you to install reliable HVAC parts; however, at a big box store, you may not find the quality that your customers deserve. With CE, we only carry proven manufacturers that are sure to satisfy your clients. You don’t want to take a chance on your reputation.

When you turn to CE for your residential HVAC parts and equipment, you know that you are getting high-quality products from superior manufacturers—all backed by our excellent customer service. So the next time you need some HVAC parts, don’t just head to a big box store and regret it: Stop by the CE store nearest you, or call our toll-free number today.