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High-end HVAC Systems have huge payoffs

Make Homes Energy Efficient With These Products: How to Sell High End Equipment

Consumers want energy efficiency. Homeowners are willing to spend more on energy efficient appliances and HVAC equipment when they know it saves them money long term and reduces their carbon footprint. However, for those who are on the fence, it’s important to provide cost estimates and overviews on exactly how energy efficient systems will perform for them. Specifically, you might illustrate longer-term annual energy savings vs the higher up-front cost so they can see their break-even over time.  

Educate Buyers On New Energy Efficiency Standards 

Many of your clients are likely to be either first-time HVAC buyers, or they haven’t invested in new heating and cooling equipment in years. Due to this, they likely are unaware of the new energy efficiency standards put in place. Make sure to review the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy required minimum efficiency standards. There’s a good chance the system currently installed in their home does not meet the new Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) minimum requirements. Here are some options you can offer: 

Carrier: The Infinity® System 

One product line to recommend is the Infinity® System. By controlling individual climate specifications, including not only the temperatures but humidity, airflow, and air quality, homeowners will discover a new level of personal control. It also provides a number of money saving opportunities.  

As an energy efficient HVAC system, it will reduce energy consumption from a homeowner’s current configuration. It also provides precise energy reporting, so owners can see their energy consumption in real time and make necessary adjustments. This makes it easier for homeowners to accurately budget for their home energy consumption. The Infinity® System Control connects to a home Wi-Fi system and allows owners to access insights through their mobile devices. The system monitors overall energy usage, as well as detailed consumption by each individual element of the system. By offering these interface features, homeowners can be aware of their consumption and plan for savings.  

Some of the best-selling HVAC equipment in the Infinity® line includes: 

The Benefits of Alternative Hardware 

Many homeowners will feel more comfortable with traditional configurations, such as gas furnaces and central air. However, the introduction of heat pumps and variable-speed air conditioners can save money while reducing energy consumption. Educating homeowners on these alternatives can provide an added source of revenue for your contracting company, while also improving the home comfort.  

Bryant: Evolution® Extreme System 

The Bryant line of air conditioners offers a quieter, more energy efficient method for maintaining household temperatures. By educating homeowners on the benefits of the Evolution® Extreme’s variable speed compressor, you can ensure they understand not only how it maintains an accurate temperature, but how this upgrade saves energy and money as well. 

When paired with the Evolution Connex™ Control thermostat, homeowners harness an increased level of knowledge. Knowing how a home HVAC system performs can save users money and avoid costly repairs. Educate homeowners on the benefits of a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, including continued monitoring of the home’s temperature, the ability to alter temperatures while away from home, and maintenance monitoring, which all play a substantial role in boosting a home’s energy efficiency.  

Some of the top selling Evolution Extreme lineups of available systems include: 

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