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Start Stocking Up on Single-Phase VRF

Now is the Time to Start Stocking Up on Single-Phase VRF

With growing interest in individual room-controlled temperature capabilities, superior energy efficiency, and compact equipment footprints, consumers are now beginning to understand the major benefits provided by VRF systems. In order to have this equipment on-site to fulfill the expectations required to meet the urgency of construction schedules of these projects, distributors and contractors have realized that now is the time to stock-up on Single-Phase VRF equipment to meet future project equipment requests.

Because of ever-changing code and facility design requirements, VRF equipment has evolved to incorporate technology to meet the environment of change for both Residential and Commercial applications. Single-Phase VRF offers a money saving opportunity for both residential consumers, light and heavy commercial contractors, and commercial facility owners, who desire more control over individual room temperatures and energy usage. Additionally, by stocking VRF Single-Phase equipment, which can be used both in new construction and as replacement HVAC equipment, distributors and contractors can service multiple markets and demographics without drastically expanding their stocking overhead.

Single-Phase VRF Equipment Applications Are Growing

The need for Single-Phase VRF equipment continues to grow. State and local governments around the country have established new energy regulations forcing home and business owners to identify ways to minimize utility expenses. Single-Phase VRF provides an energy-efficient method of heating and cooling to not only a wide range of room sizes, but also, difficult, hard to access spaces.

Some rooms are not constructed with the HVAC system in mind. This makes it difficult for more traditional, centralized, ducted HVAC systems to reach these awkward construction types. With 11-indoor types that can provide individual controlled spaces, there’s no limit to the kind of space a property owner can build.

For both residential and commercial owners, VRF provides precise cooling and heating while reducing energy consumption (saving money). The equipment is available for both current facilities and buildings currently planned for construction. The smaller, readily available Single-Phase VRF equipment allows building designers and engineers to configure new commercial and residential spaces around the smaller indoor and outdoor equipment instead of the larger, traditional HVAC systems.

Single-Phase VRF Products Do Not Require Any Additional Requirements for Distributors to Warehouse

When it comes to storage space, Single-Phase VRF is different. Unlike traditional HVAC equipment that requires enormous amounts of space, the sheer size and the many SKU combinations of indoor and outdoor equipment can be positioned in areas of much less square footage. Because the unit footprints are smaller, Single-Phase VRF utilizes the same indoor and outdoor combinations for Residential and Commercial construction. This square footage and SKU reduction allows a contractor or distributor to stock more equipment on-site with less spend for their inventory, and does not require alterations to the warehouse space – only modifications of the inventory planning.

The Future of Single-Phase VRF Product Usage Will Grow Throughout the Years

Single-Phase VRF has only recently begun to be utilized on a large-scale on residential and small to medium-sized commercial facilities. With new energy efficiency regulations and the changing environment of design applications, Single-Phase VRF on Residential, light, and heavy commercial projects has the potential to grow faster than any other technology in the HVAC industry.

As Single-Phase VRF technology continues to improve and become more widely available, the desire for the equipment will increase. Because of this, stocking Single-Phase VRF equipment is critical for the growth of distributors and contractors. Failure to continually stock this equipment will result in prospective customers seeking other stocking sources.

In the past, Single-Phase VRF equipment was minimally applied and was not a stocked product with most distributors. Now that Single-Phase VRF has been validated as an acceptable technology and can be applied on projects just as successfully as traditionally stocked residential and commercial equipment, Single-Phase VRF usage will grow! Due to this growth, it’s more important than ever that distributors’ sales personnel are actively selling this technology and equipment, and that their warehouses are stocked with the latest equipment and accessories! So, if you’re ready to utilize the latest advancements in Single-Phase VRF technology, contact CE to get started—they are STOCKED UP!