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Smart Hiring is Key for your HVAC Business!

Savvy managers and contractors know the importance of being proactive and hiring the right person for each job. This approach helps prevent hiring mistakes and the need to start the process all over again. Use this checklist to make sure you don’t take shortcuts when choosing new members for your HVAC team:

⎫ Search for good talent through a variety of methods.

o Referrals o Internal job postings

o Networking

o Online trade schools

o Job boards

⎫ Seek out the right abilities and personality traits for your company’s culture.

o Willingness to learn

o Communication skills

o Ability to fit in

o Team player

o Honesty and trustworthiness

o Dependability

o Integrity

⎫ Ensure that a thorough hiring process is in place.

o Extensive interviews

o Background checks

o Drug screenings

o Possible test assignment or work-for-a-day o Input from team

⎫ Pay what is deserved and provide good benefits.