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Spring Brings Allergies

April Showers Bring May Flowers – and Seasonal Allergies

Spring is well underway in most parts of the country — and with the beauty of the blooms comes stuffy noses, headaches and sneezing. For some people, the beauty of spring turns ugly when their allergies flare up and they are confined to the indoors. Unfortunately, the indoors can also be a problem for them too. The pollen and allergens that are prevalent outside come into their home through the ventilation system and get trapped in the HVAC filter. Help your customers overcome their allergies to the spring blooms by reminding them to change their air filters at the first sign of spring and frequently over the next few months, as the temperatures rise and they are opening their windows and allowing the fresh breezes to blow through.

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State Of Air Report

Air Pollution Becomes an Epidemic in the United States

While America may be the land of the beautiful, a recent report on air quality paints a less than beautiful picture of the air we breathe. Last week the American Lung Association released its 2016 State of Air report. The findings reveal more than 50% of Americans live in areas with unhealthy levels of particle pollution, tiny solid and liquid particles floating around the air we breath, or ozone pollution, harmful gasses that react to sunlight. While there is little we can do to protect ourselves from the “fresh air” outside, you can help your customers “clean the air” with indoor air quality solutions.  Browse now >>

Right-Sizing for HVAC Systems

The Big Challenge? Right-Sizing HVAC Systems

Tuesday’s Tip: Many installers often find right-sizing an HVAC system to be a difficult task. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when building a high performance system.

More Tips For Right-Sizing Your Commercial HVAC Systems are available here: http://ac-engs.com/blog/tips-for-right-sizing-your-commercial-hvac-systems/

The Growth of Indoor Air Quality Products

Home Air Quality ImageIndoor air quality, or IAQ, has become a focus of many businesses and homeowners who have become aware of the pollutants circulating through their systems. Contaminants trapped in ductwork could be circulating through buildings causing health problems or triggering allergies for those breathing the air. Contractors need to be aware of the vast array of IAQ products available as well as how to educate their customer on air quality. There are filtration products, UV lights, humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can all improve air quality by removing microscopic particulates. HVAC techs also have access to products used in the one-time cleaning of air ducts.


Learn more about indoor air quality from the EPA at http://www.epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq Check out CE’s wide array of IAQ products for the home and business by visiting http://www.carrierenterprise.com/indoor-air-quality.