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Using YouTube Videos to Promote Your HVAC Business

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, HVAC contractors must use all the tools available to them to ensure that their business is top of mind when customers need to select a contractor for maintenance or replacement of an HVAC system.

Most successful contractors have begun to use social media to promote their business and engage their customers through consistent posts on Facebook and Twitter. But, many are not using the most powerful social media tool of all – YouTube. The power of YouTube to position your company to customers and maintain an ongoing conversation with them is one of the strongest and most cost-effective ways to keep your company relevant and top of mind for today’s customers. And once you have produced the videos, you can use them on your social media sites, company website, in advertising, public relations and other promotional channels.

When making videos for YouTube, it is great to have high quality video equipment if that is within your budget. However, if you don’t have that available to you, don’t let it stop you. Many videos on YouTube are done on smartphones or hand-held video cameras. If you have the ability to edit your videos to “get it just right” that’s great too — but, sometimes videos that are shot “on the fly” are just as informative and entertaining. The most important thing to remember is that you determine what you want to tell your customer and what you want them to learn after watching the video. If you have clear direction on that, you can go into production and have fun!

Here are some ways that you can use YouTube to promote your business:


  1. Company History – Produce a video showing a history of your company and your staff in the industry that will showcase your experience, certificates, licenses, awards, etc. This video can be used as part of a media kit, on your company website or as a leave behind on a flash drive when making sales calls.
  1. Promoting news stories you were involved in – You can extend the life and potential reach of a local news story by placing the video on YouTube. You may need to obtain permission from your local broadcaster before uploading the video to YouTube.

Education of Customers

  1. Tips for DIY maintenance – Most customers are not familiar with some of the basic things they can do themselves to ensure their HVAC system will perform well throughout the year. A great way to create customer loyalty is by producing a video that shows them some easy ways they can maintain their systems.
  1. How to program your thermostat – Programmable thermostats are very popular now, but many people don’t take the time to learn how to program their thermostat so it can save them energy and money. A simple step-by-step video to assist customers in programming their thermostat can go a long way in creating customer loyalty and ensuring that they will call you when their system needs repair.
  1. Explaining HVAC equipment SEER ratings – Once again, most customers know they should be purchasing the most energy efficient system possible, but most don’t really know why it matters. Sharing your knowledge on this topic will go a long way to increasing your credibility with your customers and give them the confidence that you are selling them a system that will best serve their needs.
  1. New Homeowner HVAC 101 – This video is designed to be a tutorial for a new homeowner who is not familiar with owning their own home with an HVAC system. It will show them how them basic information about the system and provide tips on how to prevent maintenance issues.
  1. Tips to prepare for change of seasons – This video will show homeowners how to get their systems ready for the upcoming change in weather conditions.
  1. How to prepare for a HVAC replacement – This video will show an owner what to expect when their HVAC system needs to be replaced and how they can minimize inconvenience and discomfort during the process.

Company & Staff Promotion

  1. Promote your internal and external staff – Showcase your entire staff and their experience and expertise to your customers so that they feel comfortable with the team that will be working on their home and handling their service calls.
  1. Showcase your company’s community involvement – It’s important to make sure that your customers know that your company is supporting the local community. Always video your team when they are out in the community helping others. It goes a long way toward developing customer loyalty.

These are just a few ways you can easily and affordably create a winning “reel” of online videos. After you get started, there will be even more reasons to show your customers what your company is doing. So, start today with one of these ideas and enjoy the benefits of free promotion for your company on YouTube!