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Tips for Keeping Your HVAC Technicians Safe This Summer

The summer season is upon us, so your technicians will soon be extremely busy working long days and nights keeping your customers cool. Being busy is a great thing and will lead to your business having a successful year. However, when your technicians get busy, they can sometimes forget to follow basic safety guidelines that are important to their health and wellbeing. Before your crew gets too busy, make sure to share these simple tips with them, so they can enjoy the summer with their families also.

  1. Wear your gloves – To prevent refrigerant burns, cuts and potential electric shock, make sure you are wearing your gloves. Make wearing them a habit and you can minimize the possibility of cuts, burns or other issues that could seriously damage your hands .
  1. Safety glasses – They may not be attractive, but safety glasses are very important and can save you from flying debris, spewing refrigerant, oil or steam. Putting on your safety glasses before you do any close up work on an HVAC or refrigeration system is critical to preventing any damage to your eyes.
  1. Proper placement of ladders – Your extension ladder is an important part of your job. However, if it is improperly placed, it can be a real health hazard. Don’t be in a hurry to set up the ladder. Make sure it extends at least one foot for every three feet of height. This will prevent you from falling backwards. Also, make sure that the ladder extends at least three feet above the floor.
  1. Gloves & masks required – You’ve all changed an HVAC filter that was full of mold, dust and pet dander — and all of those things contain bacteria. Especially in the heat of summer, make sure when changing air filters that you wear gloves and a disposable mask to protect you from touching and breathing in all those contaminants.
  1. Gas cylinders in trucks – In the summer, your company truck can reach temperatures of 100 degrees and above. Combine that heat with a cylinder of R410A and you end up with a pressure of 366 psig. A large cylinder may be 1500 square inches, bringing the total pressure inside the cylinder to 549,000 psig. In these hot temperatures, if it falls and is damaged, the cylinder can take off like a rocket.
  1. Summer attire – If you wear cotton undershirts, you should try sweat-resistant athletic undershirts for the summer. They absorb the moisture in your skin and allow your pores to breathe.
  1. Work smarter, not harder – If you have a partner on a job, determine the amount of time each of you will spend in the attic, indoors and outdoors before you get to the job. Switching up the time in the heat will ensure that neither of you is getting overexposed to high temperatures, and this will help you to stay alert and safe on the job.
  1. Hydrate to beat the heat – The best way to keep yourself alert and stay safe this summer is to drink water or other electrolyte-rich drinks constantly throughout the day. You should avoid sugary, high caffeine drinks, as they will give you a temporary energy boost, but don’t provide the necessary electrolytes your body needs when working in the heat.
  1. Use the right tool – Take a look in your tool box and make sure that you have all the latest tools for your job. There are many new smart device-enabled tools on the market that can help you to do your job easier and more safely. Most of these tools use WiFi-enabled applications that can assist you in reading airflow, temperature, humidity and pressures without climbing a ladder or attaching gauges to a hot refrigerant line. Use today’s advances in technology to help keep you safe and more productive in the field.
  1. Your truck’s condition – Make sure that your truck/van is in good working condition and that you’re A/C is working well. It is very important that you can get to the service call easily and comfortably. Take your truck in for service now to make sure that it’s running well and in good condition when you going to be in it for 10 to 12 hours (or more) a day during the busy summer season.

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