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Meet the Industry's First VRF Rooftop Product Line

Toshiba-Carrier 40QQ VRF Rooftop: The Next Generation of Zoned-Comfort

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are changing the landscape of heating and cooling – they are perhaps the biggest change since the first mechanical air conditioner built in New York in 1902 by Willis Carrier. The goal of the first air conditioner was to manage humidity in a printing plant, however, what stood out were the comfort benefits. Since 1925 air conditioners have been cooling us on hot summer days­ – and now – with the latest and greatest in VRF technology, customers can not only reduce energy and consumption but improve temperature controls for total comfort.

The Benefits of VRF Technology

Rather than utilizing older air-conditioning methodologies, VRF uses in-room/refrigeration fan coils and a state-of-the-art control system. These systems provide a superior multi-split system, capable of delivering simultaneous heating and cooling with heat-recovery capabilities. Allowing VRF systems to deliver a greater energy efficiency ratio: 15 to 20 on the EER and an integrated energy ratio (IEER) of 17 to 25.

Building on the innovative ideas of the original unit built by Willis Carrier, Toshiba-Carrier recently introduced the 40QQ rooftop unit using VRF technology.

The Toshiba-Carrier 40QQ Rooftop Unit

The Toshiba-Carrier 40QQ rooftop unit provides significant advantages over other VRF indoor units. It delivers superior zoned-comfort by connecting rooftop fan coils to an outdoor VRF unit.

The Advantages of 40QQ

This combination offers clear advantages over standard VRF units:

  • Reliable Performance: The variable capacity outdoor unit supports multiple indoor units. You have independent control in rooms and individual comfort in different zones. Solid Carrier construction provides reliable and low-cost comfort.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: With a Title 24 compliant economizer capability bringing in outside air, users stay comfortable for a lower cost. The unit improves on the already impressive capability of VRF units.
  • No AHRAE 15 Concerns: Because the units are located outside, ASHRAE 15 concerns disappear.
  • Easy Installation: As a rooftop unit, the 40QQ can use existing roof curbs and ductwork for quick and easy installation. Simply run refrigerant piping to the outdoor unit and the unit is ready to run!
  • Increased Airflow and Comfort: The Toshiba-Carrier 40QQ delivers increased static pressure for greater airflow and comfort when you need it.

Applications for the Toshiba Carrier 40QQ Rooftop Unit

Although the 40QQ was just introduced, installations across the country are happening!  The Toshiba-Carrier 400QQ was recently installed in the Bison office building in Cushing, Oklahoma. The owner of the building, Bison Energy Services, was looking for independent temperature control for its individual offices and tenant spaces. B&L Heating and Air Conditioning, a 50-year Carrier dealer, installed four, 40QQ units to meet this requirement.

Today, the system is delivering the superior comfort that is typical of Toshiba-Carrier VRF systems. The heat recovery benefits and superior energy efficiency offered by the Toshiba-Carrier 40QQ rooftop unit was also a welcome benefit of the installation.

Looking Ahead for the 40QQ Rooftop Unit

While the purpose of heating and cooling units has changed little over the years, HVAC technology has continued to improve. New tools and engineering innovation continue to push the boundaries. The 40QQ builds on the innovation started by Willis Carrier, providing cutting-edge comfort and technology to facilities across the globe. If you’re looking for more information on the 40QQ rooftop unit, contact CE today.