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CE Mid-Atlantic Attends Tradeshow at George Washington University

CE Mid-Atlantic is on a mission to spread the word about the incredible benefits of a Toshiba Carrier VRF system—especially in large facilities like universities. School buildings can be a challenge to heat and cool efficiently due to the vast array of room types and their different heating and cooling requirements. Having to provide temperature control to a gymnasium is completely different than providing it for a classroom. The Toshiba Carrier VRF technology solves this issue while dramatically reducing energy expenses. To begin Operation Awareness and Acceptance, the CE Mid-Atlantic team participated in the recent showcase event held at George Washington University.

Details of the GWU Event

The learning event and tradeshow took place on February 24, 2017, at GWU in Washington DC. Representing the CE Mid-Atlantic Team was Fadi Daniel, Randy Harris, and Juan Soto. Audrey Collins, CE’s Director of Human Resources, also came along in an effort to recruit new talent to join the CE team. We showcased a tabletop booth for the

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), and we were able to talk to a large percentage of the over 120 members of educational facility manager executives and engineering firms that were in attendance.


This exposure gave us an incredible opportunity to discuss the benefits of the Toshiba Carrier VRF lineup and demonstrate why and how it is so effective. In addition to overseeing the tradeshow booth, Juan Soto also served as a contributing member on a town-hall panel, where he was able to have full audience attention when he presented the specific applications, benefits, and possibilities the Toshiba Carrier VRF system brings to educational facilities.

What We Learned:

Throughout the day we met with many decision makers who were quite impressed with what we had to say—and we were impressed with them. It is clear that the educational sector in the area is committed to improving the sustainability and energy efficiency of their colleges and universities, and they are willing to make the financial investment to do so. This goes far beyond the implementation of a Toshiba Carrier VRF system: The engineers and facility managers we spoke with are pursuing many green initiatives, including co-generation plants, microgrids, green buildings, smart infrastructure, and more.


Overall, the event at GWU was a tremendous success. We were able to share the power of the Toshiba Carrier VRF technology with a large audience of eager-to-learn decision makers in the higher education industry. We are excited to continue on our path of VRF awareness and can’t wait to see what the next event brings.


To learn more about the Toshiba Carrier VRF and its many applications in the education industry and beyond, contact us now.