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Toyota Team Annex Takes Advantage of a VRF System

Case Study: Toyota Team Annex

Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s (TMM) relentless focus on innovation and technology helped it become one of the top car manufacturers in the world. This attention to detail is one reason Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia (TMMWV) turned to Carrier Enterprise (CE) for help with the HVAC system in their new Toyota Team Annex facility.

The $115.3 million project came as part of TMM’s commitment to invest $10 billion in the US economy. The Toyota Team Annex was included in the extensive renovation in the Buffalo, West Virginia manufacturing facility where American-made hybrid transaxles are produced.

A Closer Look at the Toyota Team Annex

The goal of The Toyota Team Annex project was to add new offices and conference rooms that were completely separate from the main facility. It would also include employee amenities such as a massage room, triage room, lactation room, nursing office, and a safety dojo. The safety dojo would act as a training center for Toyota employee and will be an important part of Toyota’s industry-leading safety program.

A key requirement for the project was a centrally controlled HVAC system. With the Toyota Team Annex separate from the main plant facility, TMM needed a way to monitor and manage the HVAC system remotely. This would not only be convenient, but it would provide cost savings and further TMM’s commitment to sustainability.

Focus on Technology: Carrier Enterprise and Toyota

TMM’s focus on innovation and technology doesn’t stop with their vehicles. They expect the same focus in their facilities and the suppliers they work with, so CE was a natural fit for them.

They ended up selecting a packaged commercial system for the project. This included both traditional HVAC equipment and a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. By combining both systems and customizing the package, CE was able to deliver all of Toyota’s requirements. The package included:

  • VRF Equipment: A 14-ton, 2-pipe system for both heat pump and heat recovery. This ensured the HVAC system could precisely match the user’s heating and cooling demands. Both cassette and ducted units created a customized solution for TMM’s exact demands.
  • VRF Controls: Designed around a campus-wide Building Automation System, this system provided a centralized controller for remote operation and monitoring of the VRF and traditional HVAC equipment.
  • Commercial Equipment: Included a 6-ton Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with high capacity DX coils and efficient scroll compressors for ideal ventilation, and a 15-ton, traditional, gas/electric package unit.

By supplying most of the HVAC and control equipment, CE was able to provide engineering and field expertise throughout the consulting engineering and installation process.

Delivering in Every Phase of the Project

The Toyota Team Annex project began in January 2018 and was expected to have a tight turnaround time. With the assistance and insight of CE, an innovative packaged commercial HVAC system installation was delivered quickly and on time.

Today, the 1,600 workers of TMMWV enjoy the new Toyota Team Annex in both comfort and convenience.