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2018 VRF Case Study Recap

VRF Installations: 2018 Case Study Recap

Throughout 2018, our team at CE was fortunate enough to take on some exciting projects for our clients. Check out a few of our favorite projects below.

City Centre Project

We were approached by a business looking to transform an abandoned space in downtown Ithaca, New York, into a mixed-use development with entertainment, housing, and business space. Nestled in the heart of the city, this long-forgotten building would breathe new life into the neighborhood.

With more than 177,000 square feet of planned tenant space, attempting to utilize the existing architecture and structural infrastructure presented many HVAC design and construction challenges. This is where our expertise came in; using Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and its inherent innovations (inverter compressors, variable speed fan motors, simultaneous heating and cooling), the building’s HVAC was updated to work exactly at the necessary rate and time to provide maximum energy savings. We look forward to seeing City Centre open with this innovative/energy-efficient technology in place!

Strawberry Alley Project

Before Strawberry Alley Ale Works opened in Clarksville, Tennessee, all area, business owners had to contend with a few historical buildings comprised of odd architecture and very tall ceilings. Looking for an HVAC solution that could solve the unique heating and cooling challenges presented by these obstacles, they turned to the CE for assistance.

After careful analysis, designing, and planning, we proposed a combination of traditional and innovative HVAC technologies to solve the requirements of such a unique facility. This design would allow for maximum heating and cooling of all spaces with energy efficiency and customer comfort in mind.

Today, Strawberry Alley Ale Works is a go-to gathering spot for locals and out-of-town visitors alike, and the owners report that their HVAC solution is working out beautifully!

Onella Condos Project

When planning was underway for the exclusive Onella Condominium building in Indiana Rocks Beach, Florida, the owners knew they wanted the versatility, precise climate control, and energy efficiency of VRF heat-recovery systems in their building.

Knowing how important the HVAC systems were to the tenants of these condominiums, selecting Toshiba-Carrier VRF heat recovery units was an easy choice! Each home has two units installed with integrated smart home automation, allowing the residents to easily control their HVAC system, as well as all the other home solutions they desire. Having complete control over their home systems, equipment energy usage, and thermal comfort have the residents truly loving their ocean paradises!

Forestville Elementary School Project

Originally built in 1980, Forestville Elementary School’s HVAC system was in direct need of an upgrade when they came to us for help. Their outdated heating and cooling system was not only wasting money but interfering with learning due to uncomfortable and uncontrollable temperatures throughout the building.

By partnering with City Wide Mechanical, our team was able to install 130-tons of heat recovery VRF equipment in admin areas and classrooms. This installation allowed the school’s tenants to have individual temperature control and a ductless design to suit the school’s unique structural needs. So far, this new system has received an A+ from students, teachers, and staff.

Assembly of God of Windsor, Missouri Project

Local church, The Assembly of God of Windsor had unique cooling and heating needs. Meeting areas, offices, and educational spaces throughout demanded different, but more frequent heating and cooling requirements, while the main congregational area only needed to meet lower temperatures during hot summer days and warmer temperatures only a few times a week during the winter months.

To correct these challenging HVAC situations, CE helped them design and install the Toshiba-Carrier VRF system – the perfect solution to their temperature challenges. The system delivered significant energy savings and replaced outdated equipment, all while giving them the comfort and control they wanted. Church members are loving the individual heating and cooling for their rooms and they don’t have to worry about wasting energy by providing heat or cool air to unoccupied rooms.

For Carrier Enterprise, 2018 was quite a year. We were presented with opportunities to solve many customer’s HVAC problems in ways that required different techniques and non-traditional technologies. As you can see from just a sampling of our 2018 blogs, we were quite successful in eliminating these problems with innovative and energy saving VRF and Ductless equipment! We are so excited to continue this trend to 2019!