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Advantages of a VRF System

VRF, or variable refrigerant flow, is one of the greatest and latest technologies to happen to the HVAC industry. With VRF, multiple indoor fan coils can be connected to one outdoor unit, and each one can be controlled independently. By strategically controlling the amount of refrigerant that is used throughout these indoor zones, several benefits can be achieved:

Continuous Comfort

With traditional HVAC equipment, the compressor is either on or off. It reaches a certain temperature, turns off, and then starts again when the temperature fluctuates. This leaves the people inside the building at various degrees of comfort. On the contrary, the compressor in a VRF system operates nonstop. The amount of refrigerant used is adjusted instead to keep the room at a consistent temperature without the inhabitants noticing any fluctuations.

Flexible Design Options

Since there are many different sizes and types of fan coils available for VRF systems, they can be designed to fit a wide variety of spaces. Multiple types of indoor units can be combined into one outdoor unit, making VRF ideal for many applications, including multi-use buildings, schools, and hospitality settings.

Simple Installation

Few HVAC technologies are simpler to install than a VRF system. Since there are no large pipes or ductwork to have to clear space for, installation can be completed much quicker. Additionally, the units themselves are much smaller and comparatively lighter than traditional technologies. The outdoor units of a VRF system will typically fit in a standard service elevator, so no crane is necessary, and most rooftops can already support their weight without added support. This is not only a plus for you, but the lower installation fees will be a selling point for your customers.

Lower Energy Expenses

Since Heat Recovery VRF equipment is able to heat or cool the space that is being used, it is one of the most energy efficient options out there. The varying, yet continuous, compressor speed maintains a steady energy expenditure, and since there is no large ductwork to worry about, there is a lot less waste of created energy; therefore, nearly all of the energy that is being created actually makes it to the indoor space.

VRF systems are an incredible option for a variety of applications. With lower energy expenses, simpler installation, more design capabilities, and more controllable comfort levels, VRF systems are the clear choice for any industry and building setup. If you have questions about how VRF systems, or you have any other HVAC equipment questions, contact us now.