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Top Applications for VRF HVAC Equipment

Variable refrigerant flow, or VRF, is the latest technology to hit the HVAC industry, and it is quickly becoming the go-to HVAC equipment for a wide variety of applications. VRF systems work by continuously running the compressor, and then strategically routing the refrigerant on a per-zone, as-needed basis. Due to its minimal size, extreme energy efficiency, and incredible zoning capabilities, a VRF system is the top HVAC equipment choice for a wide variety of applications. These are just a few of the many applications for VRF systems.

The Hospitality Industry

Individual comfort control is a must in a hotel setting, and VRF systems provide this with perfection. Not only can the customer control the temperature while they are in the room, it can also be controlled via a main control panel when it is vacant. This allows the manager to adjust the temperature as needed to save costs and eliminate heating and cooling empty spaces. The quieter operating noise is another big plus for the resting traveler.

Educational Facilities

Whether it’s a vast college campus or a more intimate elementary school, educational facilities have the unique challenge of diverse room types. From small administrative offices to mid-size classrooms to large gymnasiums, each room has different HVAC equipment requirements. With a VRF system, all of these distinct needs can be met with ease—and it can all be controlled via one control panel.

Mixed-Use Facilities

Mixed-use facilities are often the most challenging spaces for architects and engineers because the requirement for the HVAC parts and supplies are so varied. However, with VRF systems, most of the restrictions that come with standard HVAC equipment are eliminated. Since there is no large or long-run ductwork to worry about, the footprints of the indoor and outdoor units are much smaller, and each area can be zoned individually, the options are essentially limitless.

Medical Facilities

The air quality and temperature control are rarely more important than they are in a hospital or clinical setting. For patients, the air can impact their recovery, and with VRF HVAC equipment, hospitals can be sure that it is always where it needs to be. A VRF system allows for the lobby to be heated while recovery rooms are kept cooler, and since you can create zones with no duct leaks to worry about, it is able to more effectively filter the air and prevent cross-air contamination.

This is just a small sampling of the many applications for VRF systems. If you are working on a space that requires zoned heating and cooling, a small footprint, and extreme energy efficiency, then chances are VRF HVAC equipment is your answer. To learn more about the many applications of VRF systems, contact us now.