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What are Your Key Messages?

If you’ve never thought about this question, now is the time start! Identifying, repeating, promoting, and publicizing your key messages is extremely important to achieving your organization’s mission.

Not only should business owners and managers deliver your key messages in every interaction, but also everyone in the company should have a clear understanding of exactly what they are.

Case in point: If your HVAC business has a penchant for keeping up with technology and you want customers to know about your many high-tech products, how might you craft a message that relates this to your target audiences? Perhaps it would be something like, “Our company leads the way by understanding and providing cutting-edge smart products that will make your life easier and save time, money, and energy.”

Not only does this message alert customers to the availability of these special products through your company, but it also positions you as ahead of the crowd (leads the way), knowledgeable (understanding), customer-focused (makes your life easier), and efficiency-conscious (saves time, money, and energy).

By carefully crafting your messages, you can say a lot about what and who you are in just a few words. When you follow this process—based on concepts, issues, and values that mean the most to you—the results in your bottom line may astound you.