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Carrier's Infinity System is Compatible with Amazon Alexa

The Infinity Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Can Be Used with Any Alexa-Enabled Device

Voice command digital assistants have grown in popularity over the last several years. These services initially popped up more as a novelty than anything else, but now Amazon Alexa and other voice command devices allow consumers to control an assortment of appliances in their home via voice command. This now includes several HVAC thermostats, such as Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control. This not only makes controlling a home’s heating and cooling easier for your customers, but it substantially helps those with disabilities. Now, clients in wheelchairs or with visual issues can control their thermostats, all with their voice.

Amazon Alexa-Enabled Devices

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices connect to a home or office’s Wi-Fi network. From there, other smart appliances, such as Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control, connect to the Wi-Fi network. Integrating the two together requires a quick setup through the Amazon Alexa application. Once configured, a consumer can directly control their smart thermostat using voice commands.

Building on the Benefits of a Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

The voice command features of Amazon’s Alexa when configured with Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control greatly improve a consumer’s ability to control their thermostat. As the thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled, homeowners and office managers can monitor energy consumption through a smartphone or tablet. They can then make any necessary temperature adjustments that they see fit.

The Benefits of Offering Voice Command Thermostats

The voice activated feature of Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control takes this a step further. Now, a homeowner or office manager can ask Amazon’s Alexa to adjust the temperature or give real-time energy consumption information. With the voice feature, it’s no longer necessary to have a phone or tablet immediately accessible. For homeowners with mobility or vision issues, this makes life substantially easier and gives them the ability to control their thermostat just like anyone else.

As an HVAC contractor, it’s your goal to not only provide customers with the very best equipment for their budgetary and housing needs, but to improve your home functionality as well. That is exactly what Carrier’s Infinity Touch Control does. Digital assistants are no longer a novelty. In many ways, these devices help homeowners live an easier life. For customers looking to integrate their Amazon Alexa-enabled devices into their home automation system, offering access to this thermostat is a valuable addition to your product and services lineup. Contact CE today to get started!